Automate tedious tasks and focus on building relationships
Talent is everywhere. Whether you’re looking to find the right candidates for the job or having difficulty standing out from the crowd. HB leverages artificial intelligence to fill openings with qualified candidates.
Made by smart recruiters, for smart recruiters
We are recruiters and tech experts with vast experience in the industry that understand the efforts and frustrations around hiring the best people for the job.
That’s why we built HB to leverage modern technology and advance the process smart recruitment.
Effortlessly integrate with your other CRM tools
Applicant scoring system to prioritize engaging with the best candidates for the job
Chatbot available 24/7 for support
HB’s approach for identifying the best fit
We developed a simple and resourceful ‘funnel’ process to analyze candidate information and data that we believe is the foundation for quality recruiting and data-driven hiring decisions.
With the ‘Triple V’ technique, consistently acquire employees that performs better, engage and build relationships with talent all the while eliminating turnover.
HB is ready to assist 24/7.
Are you ready for access to information that accurately describes your candidates for a simple hire?
Smart Screening
Easy Integration
Engaging Chatbot
available 24/7
Branded recruitment pages to optimize attracting applicants
Take the steps towards a significantly improved recruitment experience